Certifications according to CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFIED® VERSION 4.0 product standard


The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute will begin accepting new applications to certify products to the Version 4.0 standard in July 2021.

In v4 the v3.1 Gold level requirement to demonstrate low VOC emissions has been moved to the Silver level. More stringent limits on VOC emissions are newly introduced at the Gold level. In addition, VOC emissions tests and limits accepted by several green building standards will be recognized.

Normec Product Testing offers VOC emissions testing according to the requirements of the Cradle to Cradle Version 4.0 product standard.

Normec Product Testing is a an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory which scope explicitly includes the cradle to cradle test method within the scope of a flexible ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for VOC product emission testing: view our accreditations and recognitions.

About Normec Product Testing

The Belgian laboratory Servaco was acquired by Normec in 2018 and, together with VITO, provides global compliance reports for all relevant product emission test requirements. Normec Product Testing is the trade name, Servaco Product Testing is the legal entity.

Our services

  • Full range of product emission tests, as well as indoor air analysis and assessment. Our experts offer an integrated approach to product emission testing, product content testing, product odor testing, exposure modelling, Indoor Air Quality testing, Life Cycle Assessments en Environmental Product Declarations.
  • Performance tests for evaluating the reduction capacity of building materials and coatings for volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde.
  • Supporting companies in their product development and obtaining the necessary labels and certificates. A unique portfolio of global accreditations and certifications, enabling us to offer combined EU and US testing programs. Each test program and report is customized. Together with the customer, we determine the best and most cost-effective approach.
  • A broad range of tests. View our accreditations and recognitions.

With a Normec Product Testing report, you as a manufacturer of construction and other materials have access to the entire European and American market.


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