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Normec Product Testing is happy to assist you with product emission testing of consumer products according to the guidelines of:

  • EU DG SANCO project EPHECT (cleaning products, air fresheners, deodorants, perfumes, polishing agents, hair styling products, coating products for leather and textile)
  • CEN/TC 421 “Emission safety of combustible air fresheners” (scented candles, oil lamps, catalytic lamps and incense)
  • EN 16738 Emission safety of combustible air fresheners – Test methods
  • EN 16739 Emission safety of combustible air fresheners – Methodology for the assessment of test results and application of recommended emission limits
  • CEN/TC 437 ‘Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids’

Normec Product Testing determines the emissions from your consumer products according to the latest international developments.


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