On this page, you will find the organisations with which we have partnerships.


AIDIMME is the benchmark Institute of Technology for the Metalworking, Furniture, Wood, Packaging and similar sectors. It’s a private, non-profit business association with both national and international presence. AIDIMME has 25,000 m2 distributed in two headquarters located in Paterna (Valencia). We have 167 professionals and 24 different laboratories. AIDIMME performs more than 60 in-house or cooperative R&D&I projects per year and more than 5,000 services per year for 1,300 companies.

Danish Technological Institute

DTI is a leading research and technology Institute. We currently employ 1,050 specialists and we help in excess of 10,500 customers a year – representing 68 different countries. We pride ourselves of being a multi-disciplinary Institute, which also means that we often look at your challenge in an innovative manner – tapping into different specialties in order to find the best-suited solution for you. Organizational we are divided into 5 divisions (Food & Production, Materials, Environmental Technology, Energy & Climate, Building & Construction).


Combines health and energy savings and provides indoor air quality prediction software. The software enables you to forecast the indoor air quality in your buildings, and protect everyone’s health. Our expertise in simulating indoor air chemistry allows us to anticipate the concentrations of many indoor pollutants, and make the right decisions when designing or renovating your buildings. Octopus Lab also acts as a consultancy office to ensure better air quality in your new, refurbished or existing operations.


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